Weaving Life’s Tapestry

Weaving Life’s Tapestry
October 27, 2014 admin



Weaving Life’s Tapestry


When I close my eyes the image of my life’s tapestry unfolds to the splendour of shades and forms. There are brilliant colours with shades of darkness all interwoven together. Each dependent but interconnected creating a space to grow and flourish. The rhythm of the dance of the needle going up, down, in and out creates a sense of form and safety for me to both observe and be part of the weaving.  Sometimes the weaving is with one pointed purpose. Sometimes, it is being carried along with the momentum of the rhythm of the dance. At other times, the weaving stops. Maybe it is a time to be still, to reflect or just to present to the experience of the day.

This tapestry provides a compass for me to navigate my life in the mystery of this world and planet we inhabit. These threads represent many endeavours I have undertaken throughout the years. Through these activities of education, insight, life and work experience my motivation is to use this education, skills in a compassion presence to help others weave their tapestry with mindfulness and compassion for themselves and others.



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