Mindfulness & Compassion

Mindfulness Meditation Series

Guidebook with CDs

You’re breathing anyway …. by Diane

 Individual, Group with or without a facilitator

Online series with Diane – coming soon

Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Compassion

4 week series   — Starting  Monday, May 4, 2015 at 6:30 – 8:30

To learn about mindfulness, self-compassion, compassion with the benefits.

This educational and experiential 4 week series will provide you with:

     Current research in the Neuroscience that supports the benefits of self-directed neuroplasticity,

     Benefits of practicing, mindfulness, self-compassion and compassion,

     Practical short practices to integrate into your busy life,

     Increased emotional resilience,

     Difference between empathy and compassion,

     Greater contentment and happiness.

     Self-Compassion: Go to K. Neff’s website  http://www.self-compassion.org

  Discovering and Enhancing Self-Compassion

4 week series

So often we judge ourselves harshly, the gremlin that sits on our shoulder telling us “we don’t measure up” usually based on some unattainable measurement.

Discover — “How Self-Compassionate Are You?”

Go to Kristen Neff’s website  http://www.self-compassion.org

Complete the questions. What is your score?

This 4 week series includes:

Why self-compassion? Benefits of self-compassion,

Being kind to ourselves, The gifts of imperfection,

Cultivating self-compassion, Cultivating emotional resilience,

Experiential exercises.

Mindful Compassion

8 week series

The focus of this series is learning to be present and centred (mindfulness),

and being kind and caring to ourselves while working directly with the self-critical mind.

The 8 week series includes:

Understanding the mind, The importance of wisdom,

Emotional systems, Emergence of Compassion,

Challenge of mindfulness.

The practices.

Turning Compassion into Action

Book Study – online

Turning compassion into Action:
A Movement Toward Taking Responsibility.

                  By Olivia McIvor

Monthly Circle of Compassion Group

– ongoing group