Tapestry Newsletter August 2015

Tapestry Newsletter August 2015
August 13, 2015 Diane Frederick

Newsletter   August 13, 2015


“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

Mary Ann Radmacher


When I reflect on my activities of previous months, my experience is one of peaceful joy. In my commitment to teaching “Mindful Compassion” I have been honoured to meet a number of people interested in learning about mindfulness and compassion. Paul Gilbert in his book Mindful Compassion describes the practice of mindful compassion as a way of learning how to balance our minds and make the soothing system more accessible. Although this requires practice, it is within our grasp.

With the advancement of neuroscience we now have evidence to support the notion we are capable of changing the hardwiring of the brain. We transform our brain patterns through skillful methods with experiential practice. This experiential practice becomes a tool to better manage the nattering internal dialogue. One of the benefits of this practice is the befriending of ourselves as we are in the clarity of this awareness.

Compassion for others creates connection. Connection is a basic human need. Research indicates social connections are a key to happiness. Our brain is healthier when we nurture our connections with others. Being able to deeply see and accept others as they are with their life’s story opens us to the common humanity we share. This, in turn, frees us to experience life as part of the whole.

In the workshop I presented at the Annual Institute for Addiction Studies in July, I ended with a Closing Reflection to Contemplate “With an Anchor of Mindful Awareness the Practice of Kindness and Compassion opens the Heart for Personal and Social Change”.

The upcoming scheduled events address and nurture personal and social change.







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